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Interview with Nicole Ferreira

Today's interview is with a lady of many talents, Nicole Ferreira.  In addition to gracing the pages of Playboy, Nicole is also a fitness enthusiast and is also a columnist.  Hailing from Boston Mass.  She has lived in a small New England coastal town Her entire life.  Despite traveling quite a bit, She still counts the American Northeast as Her favorite place to be.

Believe it or not, Nicole is 42 years-young and lists weight resistance training, a healthy diet, and staying out of the sun as Her fountain of youth.  Married to Her high-school sweetheart, they have a beautiful, mathematically gifted son, who's already a member of the high IQ society MENSA at 7 years-old!

How did you get your start in Modeling?

I got my start in modeling while standing in line to register for the Fitness America Pageant in Redondo Beach, California. A photographer who worked for American Curves newsstand magazine approached me, and asked to do a test shoot.  I've always wanted to model, so I did the teat shoot, and that was my first 8 page layout in a newsstand magazine.   

How long have you been modeling?

I've been modeling now for 13 years, and started at 29 years-old.  I actually modeled for Playboy when I was 32 years-old, which is a bit "non-traditional" considering the age of most models are in their 20's.

From a modeling perspective, one thing that jumps out at me was your work with Playboy.  What was that experience like, and how did it change your life?

I love Playboy!  It's something that I always dreamed of, but never thought it would happen to me.  I went to New York City in 2005 and finally had enough courage to attend a Playboy casting call.  To my surprise I was selected to shoot for Playboy Special Editions.  That Playboy photo shoot turned into 4 separate newsstand magazine publications: Playboy's Vixens (twice), playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door and Playboy's Hot Shots.  The experience was so much fun, and so rewarding.  It was a dream come true!  It changed my life in that it reinforced that if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything!

I understand you have your Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in social work.  How long did that take to attain those degrees?

Yes, that is correct.  Thank you for mentioning that.  I got my Bachelor's Degree immediately after high-school, in 4 years.  I then went directly into my Master's Program, full time, and completed that in 2 years Cum Laude.  So, it was a total of 6 years post high-school.  I was the Clinical Director of an outpatient Mental health Clinic prior to modeling full-time.  I also had worked in other areas of the mental health field including school based counseling, home-based counseling, out-patient based counseling, a crisis center clinician, where I'd perform emergency mental health evaluations on people who were either suicidal, homicidal or acutely psychotic.  My first step into administration was the clinical director of an acute residential treatment center for children and teens.  I felt work was controlling my life, and that I had lost any sense of me, which is why I started competing in fitness competitions.  To put it mildly, that didn't go over well with the job I was involved with, and I decided to leave the field and live the life I wanted to, and pursue modeling.

Your physique is fantastic!  How often do You train?

Thank you!  Now, I train about 3 times per week, and I do weight resistance training, no cardio.  i get my cardio through chasing my son around :)  If I was competing, obviously, my training regimen would be much more strict. 

I'm a sound believer that diet is most important when trying to attain a lean physique.  What say You?

I agree 100%.  Honestly, diet is everything.  I've had periods where my diet wasn't so strict, but I was exercising more often, and my body wasn't near as lean. I find I can do weight resistance training a few times a week, and with a clean diet, my physique looks the best.    I do eat healthy daily, so that keeps me in shape.  I do have my cheat meals, but overall my diet is filled with great foods like whole grain rice, salad greens, oats, nuts, chicken, tuna, lots of avocado, whey protein shakes, berries and the occasional red meat (sirloin). 

Have You ever competed in any NPC or bikini shows?  If so, what was your best finish?

Yes, I've competed in Fitness and Bikini competitions.  Fitness is where you perform a routine and there's a swimsuit round, and bikini competitions only has the swimsuit round.  The federation I competed in was The Fitness America Pageant, which had the 1/2 hour fitness routine shows on ESPN way back when (in the 1990's and early 2000).  My best placement was in the Top 10 in the National Fitness America Bikini Pageant.    

Of all the great work You have done, what would you say, is the work You are most proud of?

The modeling work I'm most proud of is my work with Playboy!

Who are some of your favorite photographers you have worked with?

I've worked with many photographers over the years.  The first photographer I worked with (Rob Sims) taught me a tremendous amount about modeling and the industry.  He shot with film only, so how the photos went into the camera was how they came out.  No photoshop.  My next favorite photographer was Gin Ninshino of Playboy.  A few other famous fitness photographers I worked with, Alex Ardenti and Michael Stycket were fun to work with.  I don't travel any longer to California or New York, so I stay local, and I've found a few local photographers who I work with: Lady Lux Productions and Joe Miglionico.  I've shot with numerous photographers some good, some awful (personality speaking) and I find it funny that people who have no real professional resume are the worst to work with, and they think their work is great.

Are there any photographers out there that You still hope to work with one day?

Honestly, no.  I feel I've worked with some great photographers already.  I get offers very frequently from extremely professional, even high profile photogs (worked with Heidi Klum for example), but I don't travel any longer, so I decline the offers.  Most people don't understand this.  Honestly, my family is more important to me, then running off on a whim's notice to do a photo shoot.  I don't need the money, so I model on my own terms, and put my family first, always.  

You are also a fitness columnist for FXM magazine.  How do you find time to juggle a career, modeling, training, and everything else in Your busy life?

I maximize my time.  Writing comes easy for me, and it's fun, so writing articles monthly is a fun and easy experience.  FXM has been so supportive of me, and I'm so thankful for that.  I model 1-2 times per month on a weekend, on my own schedule, so this works out well.  As mentioned previously, my family comes first, and I home school my gifted 7 year-old son, who's already a member of MENSA (the high IQ society).  That is my top priority.  I don't run around the world on a whim for modeling jobs.  I find success locally.  I'm happy with the print modeling I do, and I"m not looking for something more at this point.  Finally, I have a home-gym, so working out is just a few steps downstairs.  My husband is my workout trainer, so that's awesome, too :)

Describe yourself in three words.

Intelligent, caring and sexy.

Where do you see yourself in ten years from now and what is your ultimate goal in life?

Honestly, I don't look that far ahead.  I enjoy each and every day to the fullest.  Time goes by much too fast, and I revel in each moment with my family.  I hope to continue to do exactly what I do right now.  I hope to be healthy and happy for as long as life lets me. 

Any projects or anything like that coming up?

I have a feature on International Playboy website Playboy Bulgaria.  I have several covers coming out in FXM Magazine, RHK Magazine and Fashion World Models Magazine.  I also have features coming out in several magazines including Bachelor Pad pinup magazine, 86BLVD magazine, and ModelzView magazine.

I want to again, thank Nicole for taking time out of Her busy schedule to conduct this interview!  Make sure you check out more of Nicole at the links below!!!

Playboy Bulgaria online feature:,izkushenie_na_sedmicata_20.html

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interview with Envy Jolie

Today's interview is a big one for Me!  If I had a top 10 (and I do, lol) Envy is right at the top and It was a true privilege to get the opportunity to interview Her.  Envy was born in Huntington Beach, California, and at 29 years young, She is single, though very loved and a lover of many.  She does date some very amazing men who have made a huge impact in Her life. Envy is attracted to a Man who posses an open mind, is imaginative, intelligent, has the stamina to keep up, loves to work out, loves to be spontaneous. 

Warning: Envy is highly addictive. Known to be very magnetic, She connects very well with these particular type of men. She also loves when one dresses with style of his own kind. 

While you have an amazing look, Your breasts really stand out.  They are flat out AMAZING!  What size are they?

Thank you. And yes they do. Thank you again! The size. That's a funny one. I realized after having them done the second time to go bigger that bra's just did not fit. Victoria Secret, forget about it. A man should not even attempt to purchase an under wire for me. It would be a huge embarrassment Im sure if he were to make a return at a store for the wrong size. Anyways, I always thought 1000 cc's meant F. Just got fit the other day for the hell of it. I'm a 33 H. Wow, I never thought they were that big. Not until I try on bikini tops.

How many breast enhancements have you had?


Are you comfortable with that size, or are You considering going bigger?

I am very comfortable with my size. I love them so much. They feel soft and I had a great Doctor. My Dr. did not think that many cc's would fit and I could tell he was a bit bothered. When I awoke from surgery. He said to me, " 1000 cc's and I told him I loved him and fell back asleep. I guess it was pretty funny. My friend watched the outcome and told me.

You obviously take great pride in your appearance, How much time to You spend in the gym?

I lift heavy 5 days a week for a good 45 minutes, two days of 20 minute cardio where for some, seems like nothing yet with the way I have designed my nutrition, workouts, performing what is called H.I.I.T. ( stands for high intensity interval training). Cardio causes excess cortisol in the body so I do it only 2 days.

Do you follow a strict diet?

I do not diet. Dieting would cause havoc on my metabolism. I do eat very clean. I've furthered my education in holistic nutrition and medicine. I do follow a holistic approach.

Your piercings and tattoos really accentuate your sexiness!  How many do you have?

Thank you for your kind words! I have several tattoos though they blend into one another and have a meaning to them. I am very optimistic and spiritual. Stay True is one of the the words as the other is Believe. Shaded exceptionally well and colored. I made one of those "oh I'm 18 years old mistakes" got a Tackett one around the belly button so I've gone back and forth deliberating whether to have it removed or covered. Having it removed will cause scars. Instead I will have it blended into something pretty and feminine that will end up blending into one side. I go to one person to have my work done. He's amazing and often an award winner. And his GF is truly hot. I've never met her though she models and is very tatted and hot!

So tell Me, How did you get Your start in Modeling?

When I was 5 years old, my Moms work associate was a model scout. I have been hot that long. Haha. No, I have been involved in a multi array of genre's. When I turned 23, I began to shoot a little boudoir modeling. And in 2010, I ran up the latter with adult modeling, more explicit, films, fashion, fashion shows, a lot of magazine spreads, covers, and I will do an occasional promotional type of event when my time permits. I love what I do! 

Do you still shoot a lot?

Yes, and more to come! I shoot a 2-4 times a month. I love to be very diverse and showcase a new type of interesting look each time I shoot. You will notice that in my portfolio.

When Your shooting, do You have a favorite look You like to shoot?

I love shooting every genre. It would be difficult to limit it to just one genre. I'm very artistic with fashion design and love to show my own designs. Shoes are huge. Give me a sexy paid of heels, some bracelets, a toe ring, thumb ring, lip gloss, and that is enough for me. Though I do enjoy to mix it up. Lets label it "Sex Appeal."
Adult modeling and P.O.V's are my favorite with g/g. Known as glamour nude/toys. 
I have a huge amount of love for latex and poly morph! I Plan to release a lot more of that type of content.

I understand You have a passion for nutrition and medicine.  How did that come about?

I began studying bodybuilding when I was 19. I was always athletic as a child. Have always found myself engrossed with keeping up to date with the topics combined as good supplements and vitamins are essential in the aid of a quicker recovery for better progress. I do not purchase gimmick products. Everything is pharmaceutical and this is important. I could go on forever about it. I do assist others with their programs so I give enough out and would not want to bore you. 

When my father passed from combining synthetic drugs given for his pain from a Dr., it gave me insight to the holistic approach. And the universe works wonders. The people who are into similar topics come into your life. I have been educated by some top Guru's and am very blessed to have had the opportunity for education, seminars, and becoming friends with like minded people.

I know you do a lot of travelling now, what are some of Your favorite cities to visit?

I really love to go back and forth from Paradise Valley, AZ. And Huntington Beach for family visits and surfing. Other times I truly enjoy Chicago and most of all the East Coast and So. Beach. Hawaii is great for a week escape to surf, shop, workout, play. I plan to begin traveling outside of the U.S. shortly and would like to visit some area's of poverty to feed the under privileged, explore different cultures, and continue to move on to exotic islands with clear blue water and white sand. Can you tell I'm a water person? 

You are one of the most in demand Female Entertainers in America.  What can a perspective client expect booking You?

First and foremost, I am very selective with whom I choose to collaborate with. It is not easy for a prospective client to book with me. He must pass a very thorough background check. Therefore, the majority that I do see, I have established amazing chemistry with. We see each other often for a minimum of usually three hours to a few days. The most being three because I have a lot of business to take care of and they are very Professional as well. 
Expectations, the one thing I'd ask of a prospective client is to please properly use my screening form or email me. Read what I have to say. I prefer to answer my own emails because I am personable and enjoy keeping in touch with those that I've gained greater chemistry with. I do not have the time to answer text and emails that just say, "hello" from someone unknown. I also enjoy when a prospective client books through one of my booking agents as I do only have an allotted amount of time to respond to inquiries. 

What are some of Your Favorite things about the business?

In general, my love to be a Private Model for select gentleman is true. Dressing up in an array of lace, garters, latex, and formal, or casual for those encounters that are not behind the "do not disturb sign." There are some really funny experiences. I do a lot of role play and once a new gentleman had not explained himself completely. He just said he wanted to play an office role of being hired by H.R. So, I dressed up and when he came in, I basically put him in check with interview questions. I had never seen such a funny face on someone. Here I am all serious. Really into it, and he said, " I'm supposed to hire you!" Oh! That was funny as he then took over. Teasing a gentleman with his choice of latex or lingerie after a light dinner is nice. I love going on vacations with my favorites. Many love to take me shopping, to do outdoor activities. Basically my most favorite of all is having a great connection with gentleman who really go out their way to make the rendezvous very memorable as I do the same. The greatest gift in life is giving and receiving. 

Tell us, what are some of Your hobbies?

Oh long did it take me to get to this interview? 
Events that keep me occupied passionately are traveling with an exciting partner, art galleries, Bikram Yoga, weight lifting, surfing, relaxing by the ocean, racing exotic cars, motor sports, boating, jet ski’s, sky- diving, camping, hiking, spa retreat’s, shopping, modeling, painting, designing clothing, creating artistic sculptures, make-up artistry, writing, educational seminars, holistic medicine, fishing, and exploring new talents.

If You could describe Yourself in one word, what would that be?

Exquisite or Diverse. Can we make that into one word! Exquisiderse? (Joke)

Any projects you are working on?

Yes. Designs of latex, a new business venture, and I have illustrations from a shoot that I did that is very artistic and will be made into an ebook and available sometime next year. I tend to move fast and have only so much time to work on each project daily so in time my ventures will blow up in the scene. My goal is to provide some killer content for many. It will be very interesting and a bit explicit. Though again, very interesting. I have a vision board for all of my visions and I work on them. 

Want more of Envy?  I know You do!

For gentleman who enjoy the best qualities of a true, genuine, woman of class, and major sex appeal that would like to experience a rendezvous:

Envy and other exquisite woman are on:

For very professional modeling assignments Envy's email address is

Model Mayhem:

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Interview with Ahmo Hight

Today's Interview is an exclusive with legendary fitness model and reality TV star Ahmo Hight!  This is Her first online interview since Her last public appearance on VH-1 5 years ago, and as You will see, She is working on some big things in the very near future!

So tell us a little about yourself.

I never married by choice, and I AM SINGLE. Who knows, you might see a show about AHMO HIGHT looking for a BOY TOY (wink) on VH1 next lol. I'm originally from Chicago aka Chi-Town (Chi-Town stand Up!), grew up in Minnesota (home of the VIKINGS) and I'm currently at the age of 40 Cuz 40 is the new 30 ..lmao..  I am a lover, not a fighter, family 1st woman, business savvy entrepreneur who knows that everyone (more than ever) loves a older blond.  I love showing my sexiness off through my social media via tweets and posts on Facebook. I love it when my supporters approach me on the streets of NY and at the stop signs in California. I'm a passive aggressive because of my zodiac, which is VIRGO. Hence, I love to serve. 

I wanted to first start off with Your Name.  Ahmo is a very sexy name!  What is the origin of that name and does it have any special meaning?

A lot of people don't know that my mom is Native American and part of my childhood was growing up on Indian reservations. I'm proud of my heritage. The reservations I spent time on are called RED LAKE and WHITE EARTH.  I want all my followers to know that us OJIBWA people produce sexy mixed blood blond bombshells like me, AHMO HIGHT. AHMO means Little Bumble Bee. Stay tuned for my site where I will be shooting in my native american custom outfits, exclusively for fans to purchase. and much more revealing poses... 

You are one of the legends of the fitness circuit, winning multiple contests.  How did You get started as a fitness model?

I saw a flyer in the gym where I taught aerobics. Because I was a athlete and gymnast who trained under Bela Karolyi (world wide trainer of Olympic gold winner Mary Lou Retton) I knew that this competition would be right up my alley. After I won Ms. Fitness USA for the the Western States, I immediately started traveling the world as a fitness model (back in 1994). I shot with some of the best and world renowned photographers in the game at that time which led me to be a symbol of fitness modeling internationally. People to this day on my social accounts write me letters of how my life and experiences changes the way the exercise. My site will illustrate my brand from fitness tips to sexy clips (wink). Stay tuned because I am working on launching my digital fitness magazine of sexy fitness driven blonde's and MILFs. I call them My lil' WANNA - BEES.. Shout-out to Wu-TANG, lol

From there, You progressed into modeling and acting?  Was that something You always aspired to do?

Of course! I'm a trained actress!  I studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in L.A. I got a scholarship to go, yay me! I am in the SAG union. My true passion is acting, that's why I NEVER did hard core porn. NO way, no penetration videos are out there on me. I had a plan since 1994, lol. Most women don't think before they jump in these industries. I'm timeless, which means I can go outta sight and come back, stronger than before and wanted by new audiences.

I have to ask, what was it like to work with Anna Nicole Smith?

(WAVING FINGER like a mother does to a child being naughty) Wouldn't you like to know.. that CHAPTER will be very detailed and descriptive in my highly anticipated memoirs entitled: SIMPLY AHMO (the book)

What would You say, is your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

My biggest accomplishment in my career was knowing that having my beautiful son during my rise to stardom wasn't a road-block to future success. Without family and understanding, you having nothing in this business. I am happy to have fulfilled half of my BUCKET LIST... and now that my other career accomplishment has been met (i.e. by finding the right manager) am so grounded and ready to give the audience a new chapter of ME. My Hollywood manager, JAE NASDAQ has awakened new ideas and thoughts in my mind that I can't wait to give to my fans and supporters. I appreciate that he knows, truly knows how to market a TV personality and manage a VH1 MILF, lol.

Tell Us, what was the experience like on the VH-1 reality show, Real Chance of Love?

(WAVING FINGER like a mother does to a child being naughty) Wouldn't you like to know.. that CHAPTER will be very detailed and descriptive in my highly anticipated memoirs entitled: SIMPLY AHMO (the book).

Are you still in touch with "Real" and "Chance" at all?  If so, on good terms?

(WAVING FINGER like a mother does to a child being naughty) Wouldn't you like to know.. that CHAPTER will be very detailed and descriptive in my highly anticipated memoirs entitled: SIMPLY AHMO (the book).

Your nickname on the show, "milf" is one that You really personify!  To this day, Your figure is phenomenal.  How often to You train to stay in such good shape?

Thank you honey bun for the compliment. I train every day from 6am to 8am. I do yoga, run uphill along with my own special weight training program. My program will be on sale this year from my exercise DVD for MILFS around the U.S. who want to stay in shape for their husbands, lovers, boy-toys, but most important, themselves! I'm excited, cause we are shooting it in BRAZIL. The DVD is entitled SEXCERCISE by Ahmo Hight (registered trademark of AHMO HIGHT WORLDWIDE, INC). I am looking for a few good MEN and women to be in the video... Email my manager for consideration

Are You working on any projects right now?
LOL... I think i mentioned about 4 in the previous questions you asked... just kidding.. here goes:  more reality TV, launching AHMOHIGHT.TV, shooting for PLAYBOY, launching my merchandise store (comprised of shower curtains, mugs, posters, wash rags, pillow cases, blankets and mouses, men's boxers, women boy shorts and yoga pants), launching my collectors t-shirt line called MILF ADDICT by AHMO, launching my APP magazine called AHMO: Milf Fitness Catalog , and my anticipated book called SIMPLY AHMO  

What would be a typical day in the life of Ms. Hight?
Training, writing, shooting, eating, web-camming with fans, sleeping, and MILFING 

What are some of Your hobbies? 

Yoga, reading, socializing on Facebook, Twitter, and building my businesses...globally.

What would be something your fans would be surprised to know about You?
I'm a very private sexual creature with an exhibitionist streak.

If You had to pick the best feature on Your body, what would that be?
My eyes, because I can melt you by looking at the point where you would be a AHMO HIGHT lover and fan to your last breath on EARTH.

Anything else you would like to add about yourself?

I am so happy that I found a great manager, JAE NASDAQ, who knows how to deal with a talent like me because of him starting a lot of sexy girls careers off in Hollywood and TV, I'M REBORN. KNOW THIS!. His music career supersedes his TV career. He's worked for everyone in the music industry, by marketing their platinum and gold albums (from JAY Z (Hard Knock Life/Streets is Watching) ,Lil Wayne ( I am not a Human Being 2 ) to MARY J BLIGE (Share My World). He made a successful transition into Hollywood by placing hot talent like me in Blockbuster films from the SON OF NO ONE with AL Pacino to American Gangster with Denzel Washington. My point is... I'm smart enough now WHO to team up with and who to get a  manager that knows the playing field (of two major industries that successfully compliment each other).  AHMO HIGHT will not loose cause of JAE NASDAQ, he's the shit!

Wow! There You have it! After conducting this interview, I for one, cannot wait to get Her book when It comes out. You can find much more of this Blond dynamo, on twitter @hightfitness and on and of course, don't forget to check out Her website coming soon:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Interview with Morgan Caitlin

Today's interview is with 25 year old, budding star, Morgan Caitlin.  Morgan hails from Bellmawr, NJ and at the urging of Her friends, started shooting 3 years ago and has not looked back!

How did you get your start in modeling?

Close family and friends would consistently tell me to try out modeling as apparently, I have “the face for modeling.” Eventually, a friend of mine got invited to an awesome shoot in Atlantic City, NJ with an amazing makeup artists and handmade outfits. After that, I pretty much fell in love.

How long have you been modeling? 

I've been modeling for about three years now.

Is this a hobby for you, or are you looking to make this your career? 

I would definitely call it more of a passion and an artistic release than a hobby.  If it blossoms into a career, that would make all my wildest dreams come true!

What are some of your favorite parts of modeling? 

I love using modeling as an artistic outlet. I love getting my makeup done and changing into the character that I believe my team wants to create. When shooting, I pretty much black out and use past and present experiences, along with my imagination, to pose and create emotion through the images.

What is Your ultimate goal with your modeling? 

I'd love to be published in bigger name magazines such as FHM, Maxim, etc. I'd love to work with more incredibly talented photographers. I also hope to further my creative side by including some acting and more writing into my future, along with modeling.

Who are some of Your favorite photographers You have worked with so far?

This is such a hard question because I've created solid artistic relationships with so many photographers and have bonded with them deeply through that creative process. Just to name a few: Tori Collins, Chalo Garcia, Michael Knight and Vic Mac.

Tell us about some of your hobbies. 

I absolutely love staying active and healthy. I love playing sports and working out.  I have a high energy level so physical activity really help to center myself while also keeping my body on point.  I also love to write to release some of that creative energy and to tap into my artistic side.

Do you have any hidden talents?  Perhaps one that would surprise some of your fans? 

Hmmm... well, these are kinda lame but I can tie a knot in a cherry stem using only my mouth and I can make a three leaf with my tongue. Strange, but true!

If you had one bad habit you could break, what would that be? 

I'd love to lower my stress and anxiety level by focusing more on me instead of trying to help/taking on the problems of others.

What is your favorite song right now? 

I love so many different genres of music, it's entirely too hard to pick just one song. I can go from Jay Z to Lana del Rey to Led Zeppelin depending on my mood, so please don't make me pick a favorite!!

Favorite movie of all time? 

Old School, hands down - those guys are geniuses!

Do you have a celebrity crush? 

Don Benjamin could probably make my knees wobble a little and my speech to be slightly impaired if I met him ha ha Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie will probably forever be my woman crushes!

Do you have any projects you are working on now?

Yes, but the mystery is so much better than me just telling you!

Do you have any plans to open a personal website in the future? 

I actually have a personal web site already :)

Anything else you want to add about yourself? 

Stay positive. Keep dreaming. Nothing is impossible. And always remember, life is a journey, not a destination.

Be sure to check out Morgan's personal web site at Also Her Facebook modeling page and of course My Twitter @morgancaitlin  Instagram @morgancaitlin.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Interview with Abigail Rich

I must say, today's interview was one of the most interesting I have conducted.  Abigail Rich has a story that in all honesty, should be made into a movie.  A truly remarkable story of courage and perseverance.  In addition to being a Beautiful Woman, She has a zest for Life that is remarkable!

What was the reason that You wanted to become a Paramedic when you finished High School?

When I was a little girl, I was traveling with my grand daddy and we saw an accident happen right in front of us. He stopped and helped as much as he could and then the Paramedics arrived. I was so impressed watching them work to save this persons life. I saw that they made a difference in that persons life. From that moment on, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

I understand You had a tragic accident when you were a flight medic, tell us what happened.

While I was working as a Flight Paramedic on an air ambulance helicopter, we were on our way to pick up a heart attack patient on an oil rig when the helicopter had a catastrophic failure. The helicopter fell from the sky with myself and the rest of the flight crew along for the ride. Our lives were saved by the fact that we crashed into the canopy of trees that we were flying over. Had we not crashed into the canopy our landing would have been much much harder and surly would have killed us all. I was critically injured in the crash, having a tree branch running through my lower abdomen, multiple broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken ankle and many lacerations. I ended up with over 400 stitches, 200 staples and two titanium plates to put me back together. I had three operations to save my life. My total recovery time took over a year.  Now I am a survivor, Actress, Model & Playboy Bunny.  So, If you think your dreams are impossible..........Impossible does happen, just look at my life.

You are a true inspiration for what You have overcome in Your life.  What is it that motivates You?

That I was blessed with a second chance to live the life I chose, Every day I see the sun come up is a blessing, I wake up every day happy with a smile I now live life differently then before the crash, I don't take the bad stuff seriously, I look at the good, the wonderful things in our world and try to help others to do the same.

June 19th, 2013 was a special day in Your life as You were honored by the State of Texas House of Representatives.  A truly great accomplishment!

WOW, y'all did you homework on me! YES I was, I am a Texas Girl and very proud of that, I was so honored when the State of Texas flew the Texas state flag over the Capital building in Austin in my name, I will always cherish that honor.

So how did You get your start modeling?

After about a year of hard work to recover, My Sister took me to Hooter's. She was telling me that I am still beautiful. I just did not want to hear that anymore. As I said before I never have thought I was beautiful but now it was even worse. I wanted to shut her up, so I asked to see the manager. When the manager arrived at the table, I asked him if I was pretty enough to be a Hooters girl. He got this big grin, looked me over and asked "when can you start?". In disbelief, I accepted. Within a week I was approached to model at a Trade show, and at that show others booked me for there next shows. The very next week I was asked to do test shots for a major cosmetic company which I still model for to this day.

From the work I have seen from You, Your modeling book is 2nd to none.  What are some of the images that You are most proud of?

OH, Well if you asked my photographers I am my worse critic, They now never show me my photos, I ALWAYS find something wrong with my photos, but If I had to pick some I would say the cute sexy one, I guess that y'all will have to figure which one that is.

I know You have done some work in commercials.  I'm curious as to what commercials You have been in?

OH my, lets see, Airing in Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan Hotel/Casino, Marquee Night Club, Club Fortune Casino, and Ellis Island Casino, then I have 2 that were nationwide, One for the Girl Scouts of America, and one for Live Leads.

You have worked on some major motion pictures such as The Hangover 3.  What was that experience like?

It was so much fun, lots of work and long late hours, The Cast & Crew were wonderful to work with, so much different then working a Television production, Lots & Lots of people always running around and each one with there very own job.

Do you have any roles in films coming in the future?

I actually have had several call backs, for feature films, so I am keeping my fingers crossed, I am trying to get those elusive SAG vouchers, so I can get my SAG Card 

I know you were a Bunny at the Playboy Club at the Palms in Vegas.  Did you get to hang out with any celebrities at the club in Your time there?  Any great stories from Your time at the club?

Well y'all have heard what happens in Vegas...Stay's in Vegas, it's the same for the Playboy Club, Everyone of our guest's were celebrities to me ;) But I love being a Bunny, The Playboy club was just the most classy, elegant, place I have ever seen, I am so honored to be a Playboy Bunny.

When You are not in front of the camera, what are some of Your hobbies?

Working with my horses, Dancing, Ice skating.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

That I am single, everyone always assumes that I am attached.....I don't know why?

If you could describe Yourself in one word, what would that be?

One word??? Really, you do know that I really am a blond, right? SO, lets go with "Country-Girl"  :)

Anything else you would like to add?

I am always looking for modeling work, I love what I do, So, no matter how big or small your company is, if you need a model, think of me, no matter where you are in the world, My Photographers and I can take care of your needs.

Any projects coming up that You are working on?

I am doing photos shots for next Feb now, and I already have photo shoots booked through next June, several Commercials booked AND I have accepted a lead role in an upcoming TV series. AND I was just cast in a upcoming Lyonsgate Feature Film titled "Step up 5", So I will be on the silver screen again YAAY!

Abigail is just a fantastic person and an inspiration to all!  This has been one of my most interesting interviews and I am thankful that Abigail took some time out for Me.  

You can find more of Abigail at Her Website: as well as on IMDB;
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Interview with Housewife Kelly

Today's interview is with the sexy Housewife Kelly!

So tell Me a little about Yourself.  Where are you from, How old are you?

I was born & raised in South Florida but now I live in Boston, Ma I'm in my dirty 30's!

I understand You are really into being a "Swinger". Tell me how You got into the swinger lifestyle?

Well I was always into girls and when my husband ask me out 17 years ago, I was like, hey I am not about to give up being with girls, of course he didn't object! Then we ended up checking out this nightclub that I heard people were having sex in, well that turned out to be a life changing lifestyle, that there was a Swingers Club! To be in a loving relationship but aloud to have sexual adventures with other people....hell yes, I wanted in on that!

What is it about it that turns You on?

When I'm laying in bed with my legs spread open and another mans cock inside me and I look over and see my husband fucking another girl, knowing me and my husband love each other so much that just does it for me!

Have You ever been with a black Man before?  If so, what was that experience like?

I'm afraid to find out that it's true, "Once you go black, you never go back!"

Your website is very popular!  Tell the readers what type of content they could find there.

My husband and I  hooking up with single girls, me with hubbys friends, couple swapping, lots of blow jobs and facials, cam shows and my personal email!

With the Popularity of Your site, I'm sure you get some attention from some of the biggest stars in the adult industry.  Have you worked with any talent, male or female, that We may have heard of?

I have hooked up with some girls from the industry, just for my own personal satisfaction, but usually I tend to stay away from the "porn people" I really don't even consider myself a "porn star" I like to hook up with just your average Joe I meet at a bar or swingers club. It's weird because according to the Porn Star standard, I'm not porn enough, but according to your average person, I'm to porn! I just can't win, that's why I do my own thang!

If You could name one person You have been intimate with, excluding Your Husband, who would You say, was the most satisfying for You?

My husbands friend, Matt! He used to come over almost every weekend to fuck me. We made lot's of videos together, but he went and got married and moved! Who wants to be my new boy toy?

Is there one person that You want to have sex with, that You have not gotten the chance yet?

At the moment there is a guy at the gym I go to, he's my eye-candy! The things I want to do to him!! I just haven't gotten enough balls to ask him if he wouldn't mind fucking me with my husband!

What kind of things turn you on in a Man?

A nice body,sporty, tattoos, and a big cock! Gsshh is that to much to ask far?!

What are your Turn-offs?

Cocky and possessive, close minded guys! 

In the bedroom are you in charge, or your partner, or is it a give and take?

Depending on my mood or what type of guy I'm with, I can be dominate and suck your cock & fuck you until your balls are drained like there's no tomorrow or I can lay back and have you throw me into different positions as you toss me back & forth with my husband! 

What is your favorite sexual position?


What do you want from your partner to please you in the bedroom?

I don't care about cumming myself, I just need to have a cock in my mouth and then his cum on my face! Please, please, please, cum on my face!

Funniest or most outrageous experience you have had while being intimate with someone?

I have a tendency to do public stuff, like flashing my tits in front of Fenway, which almost got me arrested or doing a video in public like when I was giving head to my husband & his friend in front of a picture window at a hotel and we got thrown out!

I notice that You are quite the sports fan.

Living up here in Boston, let me tell you, seeing how die hard the fans are, you can't help but root for the teams that represent New England!  Btw one of my favorite things to do when my husband is watching a football game, is giving him head!

Of the 4 major sports teams, which one is Your favorite?

Redsox with a beer at Fenway in the summer, New England Patriots at the Patriots Stadium freezing your ass off just to get a glimpse of Tom Brady or Sitting at the Garden in my cheerleader gear watching the Celtics or cheering the Bruins on when they took home the Stanley cup I love them all!!

I especially love putting on my sports gear and filming a video like a role play video of me Sucking off Tom Brady or a Power Play video where I suck hubby off in 3 minutes! 

What are some of Your hobbies?

Working out at the gym, running outside, horseback riding and sucking cock!

What is something about You that would surprise Your fans?

I grew up going to church every Sunday, I went to a Catholic private school and most of my friends are very conservative!

Be sure to check out Housewife Kelly at her website as well as Her Foot Fetish site,

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Interview with Kaylee Rayne

Today's interview is with web cam model Kaylee Rayne.  Kaylee is a 25 year old bombshell, who is engaged to Her boyfriend of 3 years.  Hailing from a small town in the North East part of the States, You will find that She is well on Her way to stardom!

How long have you been in the Adult Industry?

Only a couple years.

How did you get your start in the Business?

Originally, I was a dancer at a local club when I was in College. I did some smaller modeling gigs for a while. Then, one day a girlfriend of mine suggested web cam shows jokingly at the club. I checked it out the next day and gave it a try. From there I started my own website in April of 2013 ( 

Your breasts are spectacular! What size are they?

Depends on the store and style bra :-) ...but at Victoria's Secret I'm between a 34D and 34DD.

In addition to your breasts, Your physique is perfect IMO. How often do you workout?

I guess that depends on your definition of "working out" :-) I will admit that I have a serious cup cake problem, and I am a recovering gummy bear addict <3 But in all seriousness, I do hit my exercise bike a couple times a week (usually). And I do a ridiculous amount of crunches and sit ups, when I actually do them :-) Beyond that, I just try to stay away from too many sweets, NEVER eat fast food and I make sure to practice on my stripper pole everyday.  

What would be a typical day in the life of Ms. Rayne?

That really depends on the day. I work from home with the website, stores, cam shows and everything else... But I can tell you this, I always get my 10 hours of sleep and I play a lot of iPhone games :-)

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to shop. Above all else, like any other girl, I LOVE TO SHOP! Even if I'm not buying anything. It's like comfort food but I don't have to work it off at the gym :-) I also love to travel. I haven't been too many places yet. But this summer I have a fair amount of shoots booked in some really cool locations. So I'm really excited for that!! Other interests, dancing at clubs or concerts, having a Long Island Iced Tea or 3 and any sunny beach or pool any time is just fine by me.

From seeing You on FB, Twitter, and on your website, I see you have a lot of fun shooting. What is it that you love about the Business?

The best part of all of this is by far being my own boss. I love work with other people, just not necessarily for them. I'm an educated, driven and independent girl. And this business is the best place for us. It really is empowering and satisfying at the end of the day.  

Speaking about Your website, tell the readers what they can find there.

The best feature at my official website is all my links. There are links to all my stores and sites right there. My official Store is by far the most popular part of all my sites. There you can find Hi-Res Photo Sets, Merchandise, Autographed and Limited edition items (including props and outfits I wore and used) and an HD video section that will open to the public in June 2014. I also feature a Blog where I update fans on everything Kaylee. There is a "get to know Kaylee" series of entries going on at the moment.  

If you had one talent that your friends would say you were good at, what would that be?

I'm really good at Darts... I kill it on a plastic tip electric board. I play almost every time I'm in a bar that has one <3

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

That I have a college degree, and I made a hole in one on a small par 3 Golf Course....

Do You have a Celebrity Crush?

Bree Olson... easy answer <3 but if I have to choose a guy: Dave Wright when he's scruffy (NOT Hairy...Scruffy) :-)

What kind of things turn you on in a Man?

I saw one of those funny pics on facebook that explains it perfectly.. "All Girls want a Ninja Clown" :-) I love a guy who can make me laugh and feel safe at the same time. And I love to cuddle... nothing better than cuddling and watching The Simpsons. 

What are your Turn-offs?

The biggest turn offs in a guy are bad hygiene, insecurity and lots of body I'm not a fan of body hair, reminds me of Sasquatch.

Let's say You have to go to a deserted island for 30 days, and You can take 3 things with you, what would they be?

1) Comfortable Bed (love to sleep)
2) Furry Kitty to Cuddle with when I sleep
3) Solar Powered Vibrator :-)

Favorite Song right now?

Surface (Mike Gordon Band)  It's the last song off their new album "Overstep" written and sang by the legendary Scott Murawski ... AWESOME NEW SONG!!!

Favorite Movie of all time?

Ice Age 2... hands down. I love Scrat!!! He's not as cute as WALL-E, but Ice Age was a better movie. 

Any projects or anything like that coming up?

I'm currently booked for a handful of shoots this summer stretching all the way out to the West Coast! But most importantly, my video section is almost complete at my Official Store!!! Should be complete by June 2014!! I'm also planning on finishing my currently untitled book about all my exploits as a web cam girl. It's going to be a great read. You wouldn't believe some of the stories I have from the last few years doing cam shows :-) 

You can find much more of Kaylee at her twitter @Kaylee_Rayne as well as Her awesome website,

You can also get some real sexy merchandise at as well as her zazzle store.

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